Sometimes life is so extraordinary,
that it seems to good to be true.
That is our love story.
Adventure brought us together.






In 2016 both of us started, independently from our hometowns Vienna, Austria and The Hague in the Netherlands, the adventure of our lifetime. Two almost 30 years olds, who were looking for more, after years at the university and work. Both had a dream. Exploring the world on a motorcycle.

We saved up the money and left for the journey into the unknown. Nora made her way via the Northern part of Europe, through Russia and Central Asia. Jojo's path took him through South-East Europe and Anatolia.

Right in the middle of our Routes, in Nepal Kathmandu we met and started to ride together after months of being on our own. After weeks of facing challenges and special moments together we started to like each other and fell in love. The adventures, situations, impressions, we shared together wrote a long episode in each of our stories.

After splitting up for two months to continue according to each personal plan we met at the last leg of this trip, in Indonesia and decided to come back to Europe together. To start a life as a couple and to create our next adventure right from scratch.

As soon as you leave the door of your home you step into the adventure and you never know whats gonna wait around the next corner. It is your choice to explore it and start your journey
— An adventurers mindset


Born and raised in Alkmaar, Netherlands, I was never the stay at home type.

We traveled around Europe throughout my childhood and started exploring Asia and Egypt soon after. During university, where I studied to become an Industrial Design Engineer, there was no stopping. 

I started riding in 2015 when I decided I wanted to do a big trip and the motorcycle sounded like the perfect vehicle. 

Getting my licence is the best thing I have done in the last few years and now I do everything by bike. Zuki, a 2005 Suzuki VStrom DL650, has been my best friend ever since I bought him. 



A typical Viennese guy but always on the lookout for something challenging.

Since I spent most of the weekends of my childhood in the Austrian Alps, I was always into outdoor activities and nature.

A month in Norway on the motorcycles with three friends set the spark for the decision to leave my life as an engineer behind and leave Europe heading East. To do something, I was dreaming of for years.

Before I left, I would never have imagined all the stories and that my journey would lead me to the Netherlands, where I am living now. It shows that you should give life the opportunity to create.