Support the ride

We are both professionals and we spend time with working on architecture and UX-projects. It is part of our lifes to go, from time to time, for a long term adventure in certain stages.

You can help us to get more out of our work as adventurers and the content we create. We are not going out there to have a vacation or a good time. It is the challenge and acting outside of a known system.

We are working on the improvement of our skills in videography, photography and storywriting, day by day, to take you with us on the trip and also to give an unfiltered impression of how the world is and especially how people in the different countries are. And maybe to inspire you.


Support the ride by....


1... Donating

Your donation allows us to fill our tanks, buy new cameras and keep the adventure going. Any donation big or small is greatly appreciated!

Only Paypal at the moment...


2... becoming a patreon

If you want to support our story in a more fundamental way, consider becoming a patreon. In return you receive a reward, so go check out the page and become one of our heros!


3 ...Spreading the word

We can use all the help we can get when it comes to spreading the word that the world is not such a dangerous place. And that adventure motorcycling is the best way to travel. So share this  website, the youtube channel or any other social media post with your friends, family or forum!