Our partners are so important and we accomplish a lot together. We are so happy to be able to work together and promote this awesome lifestyle. 


Suzuki Nederland B.V. Nimag

Suzuki provides two Vstrom 650XT from 2018 for this impressive journey. The bike has no motifications, just following parts were added to make them more offroad ready:

  • Offroad Footpags
  • Crash bars                                                                         
  • Radiator shield                                                                           
  • Skid plate                                                                                     
  • Handle bar risers                                                                       
  • Heated grips                                                                               
  • Raised seat

The decision for tires fell on the Pirelli Scorpion STR. We already took the bikes to a offroad training day in the Brabant district in the Netherlands. It was fun and the bike performs very well through the sand though!



The Swiss company provided us the luggage gear. It was important for us to take soft panniers. The big advantage we have found with Enduristan are the compact Blizzard Saddlebags, which are giving us a huge amount of freedom for the body movement during offroad riding. The cameraequipment fits perfectly into the Sandstorm 4H. We use the drybags to seperate foods, cooking gear, dirty laundry and trail shoes. 



The U.S. based motorcycle clothing company supports us with the motorcycle clothes, helmets and functional gear. Nora is wearing the Krios Helmet, the Artemis jacket and the Badlands pants. Jojo the Krios Helmet, the Carlsbad jacket and the Badlands pants. As a mid layer we are using the Merino wool products which are super comfy and warm.

If you are living in Europe, check out www.bartang.eu, Peter and Leonie are experienced overlanders and they run a shop for motorcylce adventure gear now. They provide excellent advise and can even help you with your travel planning and a cup of coffee.



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