The ugliest coastal road of Europe, Montenegro

We didn’t take any pictures and we only stayed for 24 hours. This is the story of how we crossed Montenegro.

We arrive at the border after a morning stroll through Dubrovnik. The Croatian coastal roads are a dream to ride and we fly down the curvy highway. It’s October already and quite cool, so it’s a comfortable ride.


The procedure is simple, we show our passports and insurance and we are through. Although incredibly confused about the fact if Montenegro is part of the European Union or not. I’m not too familiar with the Balkans and it’s my first time here so I rely on Jojo for the answer but he is also not sure.


We head inland and the maximum speed is 60km/h but due to the traffic we can only go 50km/h at best. Frustrated with the speed I look around me and see only towns, there is not a single stretch of nature visible. We arrive at the ferry and I pay €5 to cross the bay to the other side. This is not helping me figure out if this county belongs to the EU or not.

On the other side we stick to the coast and I have to be honest here…. it’s ugly. Were Croatia kept its traditional architecture alive, greenery and style, Montenegro has thrown all of that out of the window and sold their soul to the capitalists. The property developers who see big Euro signs and build the biggest, ugliest apartment blocks on the coast. The view must be amazing, but living next to such a busy road would be a nightmare for me.

Somehow I managed to snap one nice pic of the view

A small little island off the coast, sunset. It sure looks nice.

It doesn’t help that there is plenty of trash on the side of the road and as we search for a campsite we find some depressing old ones that are now deserted. I can only imagine that this was once a beautiful coastal town, but now it is just sad. We finally find a place to camp and wile we fight of the cats during dinner we are happy when we pay the bill the next morning; €8.

The rest of the road is just as frustrating, slow going and unattractive. I have heard amazing stories about the beauty of Montenegro, but I can assure you that you are not going to find it at the coast. Next time we’ll have to go and explore those mountains.

Since we didn’t take any pictures, here are the videos…

Entering Montenegro - Leaving Montenegro