5 items to buy for your adventure under $40

Traveling overland on a motorcycle makes you somewhat of a minimalist, you don’t have much space so the things you take should add value and be of good quality. Here is our top 5 of items we are most happy with and which improved our trip. So here are our five items we definitely recommend for your upcoming adventure in 2019.

1. Rokstraps €20/$23
Are the single most amazing difference between this trip and the first one. I never have to worry if my belongings are still attached to the bike or the roll bag is moving around during off-road riding, thanks to these things. They are reliable to keep your bags on the bike and last forever. So don’t even think about taking your cheap straps, these will save you money in the long run.

Trust me on this one. You can find them at Bartang.eu, the motorcycle adventure store of Europe who always have the best advice for any adventurer.

2. Sleeping bag liner €34/$39
This is comfort on a long trip, a sheet not only keeps your sleeping bag clean, keeps you warmer on cold nights but also lets you sleep comfortably in those shabby hotels you tend to stay in. A 100% guarantee you won’t regret taking this.

If you are a person who gets cold fast, consider spending an extra buck on a thermal sheet which adds at least 10 degrees of comfort to any sleeping bag. It’s a miracle and saved me plenty of times. It is a little over budget but worth it in my opinion.
Sea To Summit Thermolite Reactor Extreme Sleeping Bag Liner €65/$74

A good night sleep is essential

3. Buff €18/$21
Only after you lose a buff do you realise how much you love it. It's multifunctional and I wear it every single day on or off the bike. I wish I had space for more then one because there are so many amazing designs. If you already have one consider buying a fleece edition you can put under the normal one for those mountain passes or cold days.

4. Clips €3/$4
Saving money on a long trip is partly done by not eating out all the time but cooking yourself. This results in you going to normal supermarkets and buying pasta or rice in plastic bags. But usually you cannot eat all at once so you’re left with half a bag of pasta. This is where the bag sealing clips shine and will save the day not only keeping your food fresh but also keeping it contained so you don’t find it all over the place after a long day off-roading.

So helpful and they cost almost nothing!

5. Compression sack €20-€25 / $23-$29
We travel light but the compression sack makes sure that we also travel compact. Being able to squeeze all the clothes together saves so much space, you will find your whole closet in one tiny compressed 5 litre sized bag, that it is unbelievable. That makes room for all your electronics, or is that just me?



No matter if you are shopping for yourself, for someones birthday or for the holidays, you can't go wrong with these items.

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