Telling my parents


Me and my dad

in 1987

Here I was, 29, preparing for over a year. My dreamtrip coming ever closer, having kept it a secret for a long time, I had to face up and share my plans with my family. Let me tell you, it didn't go as smooth as I hoped. 

One night at dinner, I revealed my wild plans to jump on my motorcycle and ride to the other side of the world. Being a daddies girl, I worried most about what he would say. The answer was short and simple. "You are not going". I had anticipated this, but not come up with a reply so I was only able to say "Yes, I am going."

I decided to let it rest for the night. My parents become more supportive over the weeks leading up to the trip. They know my character and I am one stubborn cookie. 

Only three months in and my parents came to visit me in Iran. I can only say that they are the best parents out there and that they are my biggest fans. 

I guess you just need to be open to the people closest to you, don't dismiss their fears, keep the conversation going and keep them up to date by the time you hit the road.